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But in the end, we were able to conclude the negotiation based on the higher price. And I would say that there are largely two reasons. First, is that there was simply a very strong demand coming from the customers to build their sets, thats one. And second is that they probably predict that the prices are not going to fall in the second half either. So they decided to - they probably decided to just go for the inventory build-up now. Ricky Seo [Interpreted] Now, next is about your shareholder policy. So you have increased your dividend payout this time and of course you had explained about your return to shareholder policy in the past, but can you explain if there have any changes or you can just provide us with more classification? Kim Jun-Ho [Interpreted] I would say that there have been no changes to our dividend policy, but of course now the our performance this year has fallen compared to last year but still we thought that it will be beneficial for our shareholders if we gradually increase the dividend payout. And again of course our performance last year was lower than the previous year, but still the management holds a positive outlook for the memory market starting from this year, so we decided to increase the dividend payout.

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This offset the translation loss of approximately 120 billion won that occurred the Korean won remained weak leading to an increase in evaluation of foreign currency borrowings like long term borrowings. Meanwhile as the company continued to record profits as the memory market underwent structural changes, we revisited the possibility of recognizing differed tax assets. The conclusion was that the expiration of tax credit carry forward and net operating loss were not likely. Thus, additional differed tax assets were recognized in the fourth quarter resulting in 57 billion won of income tax benefits. Our net profit after corporate tax for the quarter was 1.629 trillion won with a net profit margin of 30%. The memory market went through major changes last year as volatility grew in the global economy affected by various issues. Memory prices fell in the first half due to generally slow demand for IT, including PCs. But the markets regain strength very quickly in the second half led by the rapid demand recovery in the mobile market in the greater China regions. SK Hynix remained flexible and adoptive amidst such market changes, cutting cost by improving production efficiency and minimizing expenses.

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